Luke Inn - Demo Trailer Released

Hello everyone! 

So after building my Demo, I decided I should do something to people know more about my game... I work here in Brazil as a Game Developer and a Graphic Designer, so I decided that I can try to make a video of Luke Inn by myself, and in fact, I really loved the final result!

Well, let's go and I will start to explain every step of my creative process:

Why so much paper and books?

So, one of the main parts of the game involves a lot of letters: Letters that you receive in quests, letters of your friends, and even letters from people that are already dead. I think a lot of people still like to keep personal things like letters, and this game is really focused on emotions from Luke. I don't think anything more personal than a paper with something, like a picture or a text, because that paper will be only, and really ONLY, for someone and no one else. If you write a letter, you write to this person, with all your heart and emotion: So I think this paper style makes a lot of sense in the game.

In the game, you can see that EVERY one of the menus involves paper and notebooks too. I am trying to add more things like that in the final version of the game, but I am still looking for the best way to do it.

The focus of the game?

So, as you can see in the first scenes with Luke, you have to:

  • Find happiness
  • Build an inn
  • Make Friends

I didn't want to put a lot of mechanics in the Demo Trailer, and I am going to tell you why: Every puzzle of the game is different, I think it can be more fun for the player if every time you feel that you are doing something different... So I tried to focus on the main part of the story: Happiness and Fun. I know it's an emotional game, so it will be a lot of ups and downs even for Luke and the other characters, because even if your life isn't good now, doesn't mean that it can be better, right?!

Who are those characters that appear after the "Meet..." screen?

So, those characters are part of the story of the game, there are a lot more characters, but this one is like the main "focus" if you know what I mean. Some of them won't have a connection with you in the main story, but they can and will help you a lot in the game and so does you. Everyone one of them has different aspects, I didn't want to include this on the Demo Trailer, but I am trying to put a lot of charisma in each one of them.

Why did I decide to use this song in the demo trailer?

A lot of people asked me: Why did you decide to bring this type of song to a more calm game? So, I am trying to balance: Even if it's a calm game, I want people to feel good things and enjoy it. I think I tried to use more of an "anime-style" opening because I now even "animes" with a dark tone can have a more different opening and ending, and I think this will bring more people to my game. At least everyone liked the song, a lot!

Am I happy with the final result?

A LOT. I am happy because a lot of people are watching and liking the material, enjoy the content, liked those characters, the song, the animations, and a lot of other things. I think we can only improve if we try it, and I tried to make an animation for the first time in my life and it worked a lot. I am used to animating in games, but not for a full trailer, so I am really happy with the result.

To conclude:

Thank you so much everyone that is helping me make my dream come true to release this game with a lot of hard work and fun. I hope I can give the world a game that will be really different!

If you have any questions, let in the comments below and I would be pleased to reply to it!

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